Increase the interest with an appealing image film on your brand or your product and generate lasting emotions!

Despite low costs, our image films are impressive cinematic company presentations, created with great attention to detail. Our image film productions will significantly enhance your corporate website, social media and trade fair appearances.


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What is an image film?

An image film is a short film portrait of a company, a brand or a product. It serves to promote the company or the brand and should contribute to branding and brand loyalty. The task of the image film is to emphasize the special image of the client. These are usually short movies from a few seconds to a length of no more than ten minutes. Good storytelling is very important in image film. A series of product images or rooms would bore the viewer and not reach the desired goal. With dramaturgical means the viewer should be attracted attention. An image film can use all cinematic means. Depending on the budget, image films can be made very complex and in no way inferior to a movie scene in the big cinema. In addition to the creation of a positive image, image film is often about the transport of information. He then fulfills an informative purpose in addition to the suggestive. The film is aimed directly at the emotions of the audience. The viewer hears, sees and feels what he sees in the film. This creates no text, no print ad and no radio commercial in this way. Only the film manages to address so many senses at the same time.

Social Media clips

Social media is an ideal platform for image films, as well-made image films can spread as if by themselves. With social media clips, even small and medium-sized businesses with their corporate films reach a large reach without incurring additional costs.

The image film as a product film

In the product film, individual products are in the limelight. The film production focuses on developing the advantages and peculiarities of the product in an image film concept in the pre-production phase. It is a core idea worked out that brings the product to the point. Then it’s about audiovisually portraying the product in such a way that the product stands out as a real highlight, so that the film also positively influences the external appearance of the company. Image films as a product film often come out without any explanatory inserts or voices.

Films for crowdfunding campaigns

Crowdfunding has become a popular form of financing in recent years. Accordingly fierce is the market. Anyone who wants to realize a successful crowdfunding campaign on one of the large platforms is in any case well advised to invest in advance in a professional crowdfunding film. The crowdfunding film is the chance to introduce yourself to the potential investors in a memorable and innovative way and convince them of their own ideas. For this purpose, the audiovisual media are more suitable than dry texts, since only they reach many senses of the viewer at the same time.

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